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Monday, July 18, 2011



Apa-apalah korang mahu kata.
As long Im happy with my own new life.
Spending my time with terrible wasting doing weird stuff. 

"Tuhan berikan aku cinta by Ayushita" currently played on Comet Player.
Since after that day, half of my life has gone followed the shadow it going.
Let it go FULLSTOP!

"Bukanku tak sudi, kasih by Iklim"
It remembered me about one of my myspace friends list.
Poor You!
Hopefully you will find a suitable girls.

I wont be a girl follow others people statements telling a person what should Im required to do.

Okay la. I dunno what I'm talking about actually.
So it will be end here. 

Im getting FAT here. hahaha
1 month fasting.
and PLKN.
Hopefully i can manage my weight :)

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