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coretan ku

Monday, November 29, 2010

whats happening?

too much actually lau korg nk aq story tntg apa yg blaku tntg tjadi skng kt aq. so, to people yg da tau tu thx sbb sudi dgr and u too syg's.

tday aq blik dari kg ngn dia. huhu. sanggup lak tu dari mlk pedana ke senaling,n.9. huhu. really appreciated to u syg.

sorry guys. agak mls nk bertekan2 keyboard skng ni. huhu.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Myspace badges

I just copied it after I just view up my myspace account. This words is suitable to my beloved friends and enemy or arch-enemy  =)

Full of loves,


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today is the day

1. HAHA. What I want to sharing to you today is, just now when im at school. We all gathered at block form 3 Indigo with Miss Maria and Miss Saleha with Eija, Shaeera and Izni. They are my Ekonomi Asas teacher and Science teacher. They are so much sporting teachers beside my beloved teacher, Miss Eucnice. HAHA. Cool ah. I played SMS and picked up the phone in front of them. Then, after a few minutes ago, the bell rang and shows that hers [Miss Saleha] period was finished. Then, we all continued our talking and sharing ours problems with Miss Maria until I cant realize that recess time was over. HAHA. Then we all continued back again untill Encik Akram time. What I want to says here is, most of the topic that we talked was about a life style models, people around us, my problems and much more. So guys, hope you all enjoy your awesome today. =]

2. Heyyyyhooooo. Suddenly, much much long time ago we haven't admonish to each other. Im sorry about my stupid habit and bad attitude to you before this. WHAT? I cant believed that YOU and ME are talking and asking some questions just now. Wow, babe. Thanks a lot because you never keeping any feelings to me. But, I really really so sorry. Thanks much agains Siti Nur Izni.

3. At 5.00 p.m. today, I've started my lessons yoga just now by folowing some videos on Youtube. WTF! It so freaking tired babe! WOW! Today, I've broke the records of my life. HAHA. The tired of yoga and jogging is not same ok. But, im doing well just now even I really cant do that so. HUHU. So, try up guys. Hope you can do it much better than me.