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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to love.


Love is both an action and a feeling. The action of love generates a blissful feeling called by the same name. When the action stops, the blissful feeling is replaced with pain. There is a similar feeling called lust which may be confused with love. You need to decipher between the two in order to have a healthy heart. Every person is capable of great love (and its opposite, fear, which generates all painful emotions such as hate, greed and jealousy).

While there are many different ways to define love and there are many different ways to love someone (or even yourself), here is a general guide to loving.

Step 1 : Say it. When you say the words "I Love You", they should carry with them the desire to show someone that you love them, not what you simply want to feel. When you say it, make sure you really mean it and are willing to do anything for that special person.

Step 2 : Empathize. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Rather than impose your own expectations or attempt to control them, to understand how they feel, where they come from, and who they are. Realize how they could also love you back just as well.

Step 3 : Love unconditionally. If you cannot love another person without attaching stipulations, then it is not love at all, but deep-seated opportunism (one who makes the most of an advantage, often unmindful of others). If your interest is not in the other person as such, but rather in how that person can enhance your experience of life, then it is not unconditional. If you have no intention of improving that person’s life, or allowing that person to be themselves and accepting them as they are, and not who you want them to be, then you are not striving to love them unconditionally

Step 4 : Expect nothing in return. That doesn't mean you should allow someone to mistreat or undervalue you. It means that giving love does not guarantee receiving love. Try loving just for the sake of love. Realize that someone may have a different way of showing his or her love for you; do not expect to be loved back in exactly the same way.

Step 5 : Realize it can be lost. If you realize that you can lose the one you love, then you have a greater appreciation of what you have. Think how lucky you are to have someone to love. Don't make an idol of the person you love. This will place them under undue pressure and will likely result in you losing them.

Step 6 : Never stop loving. Even if you have been hurt before you should not stop giving love.

  • It does not make you a bad person to desire someone else's love, even if they do not love you. However, to truly love someone, you must let them be free. It is selfish to blame them for your feelings.
  • There are many types of relationships that involve love, but love itself is a common thread to all those relationships. For example: a mother-son relationship is different from the relationship with a best friend, and both these relationships are different from a romantic relationship. But in each of these relationships, each person loves the other (wants the best for the other). Love this the base of the pyramid. On top of the base, we can add other items such as other common interests (in the case of friends) or sex (in the case of romantic relationships). Therefore, relationships can grow and evolve but the love itself is solid and constant. It does not change.
  • Don't be ashamed to tell anyone that you love your friends as much as you love anyone else in your life.
  • You have to find someone that will suit you, someone you feel comfortable with - not just someone to make love to.
  • As a word, love can be found worldwide and is often used to describe compassion and/or emotional attachment. Sometimes love songs do not accurately describe love, but rather, the absence of love, hence the sad tone of some romantic songs.
  • Accepting those you love for who they are is part of love. You also need to learn to accept yourself before you can accept another. If you cannot love yourself, how are you to love another?
  • Love genuinely. Do not compare your feelings now to what your feelings were when you were with another mate. At times, we can experience rejection.
  • Realize that love is a feeling that wikiHow can describe and attempt to assist, but ultimately, you are the one who must take action in order to discover love.
  • Do things that make the other person feel good and happy, but do not smother them with gifts and attention.
  • Consider some tips about what people in love do.
    • People in love are sensitive to each other's needs, and endeavour to meet them even when they do not feel like doing it.
    • Men and women may be equal in value but different by nature. People who truly are in love give their mates "space" to develop their potential and find their fulfillment in life.
    • Love does not brag. People who are truly in love refrain from rehearsing their good traits just to show off. Bragging in a relationship often is really defensiveness.
    • People who are truly in love do not insist that their way is best and demand that their mates give in to them.
    • People who are truly in love are considerate of each other's feelings and courteous in their actions toward one another. Sadly, sarcasm is a way of life for some couples. They ridicule each other, belittle each other and trade jibes with a fury. They may say it is all in fun, but it leaves wounds that will someday become festering sores.
    • People who are truly in love look out for their mate's best interests as much as their own. Those in love should be concerned not only about their own individual interests, but about the interests of the other as well.
    • People who are truly in love control their anger when the other displeases them. We are all human, and all humans feel anger periodically, but we only express our anger in destructive ways when we are counting on someone else to meet our needs.
    • People who truly love each other do not take pleasure in their mate's disappointments or failures.
    • People who truly love each other treat their mates with absolute trust. Some husbands and wives torment themselves with groundless suspicions. If you look for trouble you will find it every time.
    • People who truly love look forward to their relationship growing more meaningful and precious. They have hope, which is an attitude that happily anticipates the good. It isn't being blind and denying that there are problems, but it does look beyond the problems. People who truly love each other do not allow their problems to rob them of their happiness.
  • Remember there is no failure in love, because once you tell somebody whom you love, that you love him/her, then you have already succeeded in love.
  • Some friends are remembered because of their smile.

  • You must love yourself before you can love another. But before you can love yourself, you must know and understand yourself profoundly. This deep understanding of yourself will automatically lead you to love yourself (since you will become aware of your divine essence) and you will also love every other person at that same moment (because you will recognize that same divine essence in every other person).
  • There is always the risk of getting hurt (when love switches to fear), so remember to fully love and trust in your constant decision to love rather than fear.
  • Recognize that any feeling of jealousy is a clear sign of fear. Therefore the most appropriate response is to begin loving again (since we cannot love and fear at the same time).
  • Realize what you have while you have it, and care for the person you trust.
  • If something comes to an end, try to let go rather than holding on; it's for the best.
  • The idea of love is fueled by childhood fantasies. The love shown in movies, as obtainable as it may be, is rare to say the least.
  • You just may find your soulmate sooner than you intended.
  • If you feel any doubt of the love your partner has for you, make sure that your suspicions are grounded in reality. If you hurt your partner as a result of undeserved mistrust, he/she may end up doubting both your love for them and theirs for you.
  • Don't ask for love. You should receive love because your partner wants to give you love, not because you want it from your partner.
  • Do not force love. It will come in good time—perhaps not with the person you initially want, but love definitely will come if you are willing to share it with someone.

Gaya tudung design Hana Tajima Simpson.


Many people asking,' how to do style like Hana Tajimah yeah?'
Soon, I tried surf google and others stuff.
Does not found!
Last, saya fed up and bangkit dengan semangat yang ada cuba dan terus mencuba.

Lastly, berjaya cumanya tak sama seperti Hana buat yer.
So, it will look like this :

Anisah Syahirah Ramlan

 Hana Tajima Simpson

Much differents right?
Okay, try surf this web.
Hana Tajima Simpson 

ENJOY okay? =]
happy sudahkan?

Psst : "Ada ilmu kita kongsi bersama, Anisah Syahirah".

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kisah hari ini.


Hari ini bangun pukul 6 bermula dengan pagi yang indah sambil hujan turun dengan lebatnya.

Pukul 6? ALAMAK! Kenapa masa berlalu dengan cepatnya?
Rasa macam malas je nak pergi ke sekolah hari ini. Selimut, kantil dan bantal.
Oh indahnya kamu bertiga ini! Cemburu saya tengok kamu!

Bangun sambil dengan malas mencapai tuala dan klip rambut lalu masuk ke tandas dan membuka pakaian tidurku semalaman.

Alahai, time hujan je air mesti sejuk macam ais pulak. Nasib baik ada water heater ni. Berbaloi juga kalo setiap rumah ada pemanasan air bagi kepada sesiapa yang tak boleh tahan sejuk macam saya. Hehe.

Dup dap Dup dap...
30 minit berlalu, haaa? 6.30 pagi sudah? 
Dah janji nak kejutkan Zul Fahmie ini. 
Cepat! Cepat! Mana phone ni pulak ni?
Okay! Suddenly, found it yeahhhh!!

Dail number Zul Fahmie almost more than 10 times called dia ni. 
Payah betul la kalau lelaki ni nak bangun pagikan?
Is it I am the wrong cop here? 
*Maaf I petik nama u kat sini  =D

Soon, dia dah picked my phone call pagi ni, Alhamdulillah.
Senang sikit kerja saya. WInnkkkkk...

Tiba-tiba, Azrai pula yang menghantar mesej untuk ucap selamat pagi dan selamat ke sekolah. Haha. Baikkan ada kawan macam ni?
Okay, done!

Pergi sekolah atau ke mana-mana pelembap muka, krim pelembap, sun block dan krim kecantikkan WAJIB pakai okay!
For skin protection from sun light and air pollution. HAHA!
Pergi sekolah bukan nak melaram tau. 
Hanya nak kekalkan kecantikkan supaya sentiasa harus mengguna produk yang sesuai dengan kulit muka kita ni baru kulit sihat dan segar.
Macam saya dan awaklah! hehe.

 Lalu turun ke dapur capai air suam panas. 
Petua orang-orang tua berkata, pagi-pagi elok minum madu atau air panas suam tau supaya usus kita tu lancar. Kalau terus minum air sejuk takkan terkejut perut tu secara tiba-tiba?
So, amalkanlah yer kawan-kawan.

Sampai kat sekolah WAJIB ambil breakfast tau! 
Tu pun sampai sekolah 7.25a.m.
Dah kira lewat bagi saya.

Duduk berhadapan dengan Umi Nadiah.
Kononnya nak ulang kajilah sikit sebelum paper agama Islam kertas 2.
Perut pun dah buat bunyi, terus chaww pergi kantin juga!

Saya kat sekolah selalu bodek pak cik- pak cik kantin supaya dapat lebihan makanan. Huuu.
Tapi, pak cik yang selalu saya beli tu tiada malahan yang ada pun pak cik yang kedekut ni. Hampa...
Terpaksa beli bihun goreng dengan harga, RM1.50.
Makan pun tercekik tau gara-gara dah lewat dah ni.
Sampai kat kelas, baca buku agama semula. 

Pukul 8.00 pagi, exam pun bermula dan tamat pukul 9.45 pagi.
Jawab dengan tenang dan hati yang riang.

Puan Norma bagi kami kek coklat buatan hasil tangannya dan dadih sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana menolongnya mengangkat rak-rak buku serta peralatan peribadinya pindah ke dewan.
SMK SKK IJC, blok bahagian bilik guru dan kantin akan di robohkan untuk pembinaan yang baharu. 
Sekolah dah usang kenalah bikin bagi baru.

Pukul 11.00 pagi, kami rehat sambil makan makanan yang cikgu berikan tu. Sedap jugakla. Hehe. Ingat nak ambil lebih tetapi bila di tengokkan ramai MCA dah chop! Hampa lagi...

Pukul 12.35 pagi, paper sivik dan kewarganegaraan pun dah start sampailah balik. Rugi tau kepada sesiapa yang tak dapat A dalam subjek sivik ni. Macam kacang goreng je! Hehe...

Hari ini abang yang ambil saya pulang dengan menaiki motor. 
Nasib cuaca tak panas dan nasib pakai sun block tau!
Tak rugi kalau pakai foundation ni.

Sampai di rumah, tukar pakaian, makan kek indulgence, cuci baju dan menonton cerita Marimar. 
Itulah jadual harianku selepas pulang ke sekolah.
Dan sekarang, saya masih ber-online hingga ke petang.
Nak mandi ni kawan-kawan.

Akhir kalam, inilah hari-hariku yang penuh kesibukkan dengan jadual harianku.

TERIMA KASIH kerana sudi membaca coretan saya =)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bicara soal hati.


Bicara soal hati?

Petang yang mendung, di tiupkan angin kipas yang menyejukkan badanku. 
Burung berkicauan bagaikan alunan yang sedap untuk di dengari.
Hati yang sayu lalu menitiskan air mata jatuh ke dakapan bantalnya. 

Air mata... 
Kenapa kau mengalir tanpa di minta... tanpa di undang?
Mengenangkan kisahnya yang penuh onak duri dan liku-liku kehidupan.
Gembira... Derita...Kesedihan...

Apakah yang engkau tahu dengan isi hatiku?
Apakah yang engkau memahami isi hatiku?
Pernahkah engkau menanyakan apa yang tersirat di hatiku?
Pernahkah engkau menunaikan apa yang di hajatinya?
Adakah engkau pernah memaafkan kesilapanku?

Hati seorang perempuan adalah sangat sensitif. 
Seperti anak kecil yang di marahi oleh ibu bapanya.
Menjadi manusia yang bernama Anisah Syahirah Ramlan.

Adakah engkau menjadi manusia yang sempurna?
Adakah engkau telah melakukan tanggungjawabmu kepada pencipta alam? terhadap manusia? haiwan? 

Hanya padamu ku serahkan segala-galanya.
Meminta pertolonganMu, menangis denganMu.
Agar Engkau mengampunkan dosa kesilapanku. 
Agar Engkau memakbulkan permintaan doa-doaku.
Tuhan yang Maha Esa lagi yang Maha Mengetahui seluruh alam,
Aku mohon padamu agar ampuni dosa-dosaku.

Takdir menentukan datang dan pergi tanpa di undang.
Pergi seperti air laut yang bergelora di pukul ombak dengan ganasnya.
Batu yang keras menjadi tenggelam ke dalam lautan.
Seperti tiada apa-apa yang berlaku.
Melihat keindahan ciptaan Tuhan.
Seperti memohon agar keindahan dalam kehidupanku.

Maafkan aku sekalian.
Ampunkan dosa-dosaku terhadap kamu =)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Percutian di Sagil.


Percutian tanpa di duga. Bangun pun umi yang kejutkan. Ketuk pintu sampai nak gegar satu rumah ni. Paham-paham sudahla hari minggu. Buat taik mata banyak-banyakla. Buka pintu terpinga-pinga sambil menguap dan membelai rambutku.

Shra :  Umi nak apa umi?
Umi  :  Jom siap cepat kita pergi mandi-manda kat Sagil dengan tiga abdul tu.
Shra :  Haa? Jomla pergi Water World, umi?
Umi  :  Tak pergi sanalah. Kita berkhelah kat Sagil je.
Shra :  Hmmm. Yela [masih mengharapkan sampai membawa bersama baju renangnya]

Sampai kat sana, cepat-cepat keluarkan balik baju renang tu semula. Hehe. Jadi bahan gelak tau.
Ini ialah peta di kawasan tempat aku pergi. Fun gile weyhh!!

Anisah Syahirah, Muhammad Helmi, Muhammad Yahya, Muhammad Yunus Dan Abu.


Bersama ayah yang tersayang :)

Singgah makan malam sebentar =)

Sampai di rumah dalam pukul lapan lebih. Cepat-cepat solat dan bersiap terus meneruskan perjalanan ke Mahkota Parade, Melaka. Pergi Karokk bukk! Haha.
3 jam duduk dalam peti tu bernyanyi sampai hilang suara.

12.30, karok tamat. 
Singgah pergi makan kat Subaidah Hang Tuah Mall, Melaka.
Pukul satu lebih baru tiba di rumah.
Cepat-cepat tukar pakaian, cuci muka, gosok gigi dan solat Isyak terus boooommmmmmmMMMM.

Penat yang tak terhingga! Hahaha