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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nutrition for a better life : Herbalife

First of all, Hi there and Assalamualaikum to Muslim people.
I'm gonna to introduce an awesome product that known as, "HERBALIFE".
As I knew, plenty of people all know about this product and same goes to me.
First of all, I'm gonna share some story why I choose this product for my daily life.
It just because when I kept thinking to change other product because few months ago I have tried
the organic product to reduce my weight. A few months after I tried it on, I feel something effect on my body.
My bones getting weak. So suddenly I stopped to used it. After that, unfortunately I meet my boyfriend
who selling Herbalife product. So he keep telling me how useful this product on and I have attended the Herbalife Opportunity Meeting(HOM) with him. So I got a few info to share with you guys that was Herbalife can see the improvement within 11 seconds to 1 minute. So, it true! I have tried it! So what are you waiting for? ASK ME HOW at 0176729266




 50g / 100g


90 Tablets

Herbalife is a cheap!!!


Pregnant woman also can drink it too.

ASK ME HOW and CALL ME AT 0176729266 for order.

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