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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exam? ohh.

Exam! Exam! Exam!. It getting me more sick to study at the last minutes. OH God! All chapter i studied before it just easily damn it forgotten! Dont make a silly ok Shra. GRRRR! But at the end now, I've just passed a few papers. Oh,lucky on it. Just left Agama, Perdagangan and Ekonomi Asas. It is easy to remember? or How to make it easy to remember? Should i need some fresh air with a cold water to get my mind freshing? Oh, lalala.

Singing a long will make me relaxing my minds for a while. Doooowww! Suraj Jagan & Sharman Joshi - Give me some sunshine. Well, make me grrrr. Relax! Yeah, is it? Try to hear this songs a find the language u know or else just watch 3 Idiots. Heh. Just now, I've got Akaun paper Bahagian A and Bahagian B. Eiuuuwww. Penyata Penyesuaian Bank[PPB] and Penggajian. Gulp! PPB better much easier than Penggajian! So, but then i tried to trust myself that i can do it. But guys, the truth answer and my answer is different RM220. How to make it same as the truth answer?

So, I've tried so many times on it. Keep checking for a many times. Haha. I cant get the truth answer again. What should I do? Just reda sahaja. Grrrrr. Thanks God. Hope so i pass and get A's in Akaun. I do much loves Akaun. Yeahhh! And same goes to you right? HEHE. Okay. Tomorrow is Agama and Ekonomi Asas. Tonight I've got Akaun class tuition. Should I go? But then how I'm going to study my 2 subjects? URRRR! Pufhh! Okayla. Parent send tuition to study. Better go.


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